Training Courses

ITsutra provides total immersion training. It is a totally hands-on course covering all important facets of the world’s most popular open source operating system including the Linux command line, as well as widely recognized database like SQL and many more. Throughout this course, you gain the essential knowledge and hands-on skills to leverage Linux for your organizational advantage and SQL for entering and storing data.

Leaders are not always born, why not be one?


If you are looking for more reliable, secure, and dependable platform to gain knowledge on operating system, LINUX, that manages all of the hardware resources associated with your desktop or laptop, LOOK NO MORE! During our intense LINUX training course, you will learn hands-on skills that are relevant for any LINUX distribution.

Course Outline

  • Linux classes based on RHEL, CentOS, Solaris Basics, Ubuntu Basics and DevOps
  • Training on Installation, Configuration and Management of Server System.
  • Training on Disk management, Volume Management and File System Management
  • Training on Linux Commands, Scripting, Log management
  • Training on User Management, Networking 
  • Training on Installation of Packages and Patching on Servers
  • Training on Installation and Configuration of APACHE, HTTPD, TOMCAT, Zend, JBoss and related Application Servers
  • Training on Work Flow Process, Boot Process within Systems
  • Training on Installation and Configuration of DevOps tools like Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Jenkins, Docker, Nagios, New Relic and more

Duration & Fee

  • Course Fee : FREE for limited time.
  • Duration : 8 Weeks



Quality Assurance (QA) in software development is the continuous monitoring of the complete software development cycle to improve the performance of the software product and to see that the final results are same as the expected results.Our courses give you an in-depth understanding of the role of QA in the product development life cycle, different types of testing, and highly practical knowledge of techniques and tools that can be used.


Course Outline

  • Introduction to software testing
  • Introduction to Software Development life cycle (SDLC)
  • SDLC Models and Methodologies
  • Agile Methodology
  • Testing Methodologies
  • Testing Types
  • Testing Life Cycle
  • Test Planning
  • Test Cases
  • Test execution
  • Defect Tracking
  • Defect life cycle Management

Other Topics

  • SQL
  • Database Testing
  • Web Service Testing
  • Automation: Selenium

Duration & Fee

  • Course Fee :FREE for a limited time.
  • Duration : 8 Weeks



With ITsutra, you will be able to build and maintain SQL Server databases to gain meaningful insight into enterprise data with SQL Server training along with learning Tree’s SQL Server training curriculum helps you take your Microsoft SQL Server skills to the next level. You will also be able to build robust databases, develop scalable Transact-SQL applications, learn data warehousing concepts and build custom Business Intelligence solutions for greater insight into data to make smarter business decisions.

Course Outline

  • Developing SQL Server 2016 Databases
  • Administering a SQL Server 2016 Database Infrastructure
  • Provisioning SQL Server 2016 Databases
  • Implementing a SQL Server 2016 Data Warehouse
  • Updating Your Skills to SQL Server 2016
  • Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Databases
  • Designing Solutions for Microsoft SQL Server 2014
  • SQL Server Introduction
  • Writing SQL Queries with SQL Server Management Studio
  • SQL Server Database Administration
  • SQL Server High Availability

Duration & Fee

  • Course Fee : FREE for a limited time.
  • Duration : 8 Weeks


Why us?

  • 100% Job Oriented Onsite Training.
  • Resume Preparation & Review, Mock Interviews, Job Placement Assistance and On-Job Support.
  • We take max of 8 students in a batch to make sure each student is given required attention by the instructor.
  • Practical Oriented / Job Oriented Training.
  • Build Confidence for an Interview /group discussions / interview related questions.
  • All Study Materials and Tools will be provided by us.
  • The teaching methods are based on the current competitive job market.